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View Wells Sinkware Chef’s Collection Catalog or their August 2022 Price Listand finally, Wells Sinkware 3D SERIES Faucets Catalog.

A leader in the era of fashionable kitchen and bathroom sinks and accessories, Wells Sinkware has been serving a growing number of satisfied North American customers from its Chicago base since 2005.

Wells’ extensive lines of stainless steel sinks are made of premium 18 or 16 gauge Type 304 stainless steel with uncompromised chrome-nickel composition. These sinks come in one of two textures–a traditional brushed matte finish that features subtle grain that resists scratches from normal wear and tear, or a European style satin finish that is beautifully polished, achieving an elegant silky look. The Chef’s Collection and New Chef’s Collection handcrafted 16 gauge sinks with reserved-radius corners present a streamlined contemporary appearance, while offering easier cleaning compared to zero-radius sinks. The newly arrived 3D Series prep centers are handcrafted 16 gauge sinks with bold beveled rims and stepped decks. Each include a low-profile stainless steel colander and rubber wood cutting board that glide effortlessly across the sink surface, bringing your customers a new level of convenience and efficiency while working around your sink.

Wells Sinkware Company Info:

2600 W 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60632

Customer Service: +1-888-626-0006

Fax: 954.776.0333

Email: orders@wellssinkware.com

Website: wellssinkware.com

Versablade® Model X

A Compact CNC Countertop Cutting Machine.

With US patent pending, Versablade® Model X is a compact, yet full-blown CNC machine, with the single purpose of cutting sink openings – the most labor intensive, time consuming and dirty part of your day to day fabrication tasks.

“It’s versatile”

It makes sink openings of any shape and size, in countertops of any natural or engineered stone or concrete, and of various thicknesses.


“It’s fast”

It takes less than 12 minutes to cut a template opening for a large, full-sized sink, and less than 7 minutes for an oval vanity sink. 


“It’s accurate”

It cuts with desirable precision according to the templates, and you can tell the machine to adjust the size and make the mounting style that suits you – whether it’s flush, reveal, or overhang.


“It’s dustless”

Unlike any hand cutting grinders you may have used. No more mess!   


“It’s powerful”

The high torque motor and solidly built spindle allows Model X to cut countertops of various hardness and thickness.


“No programming”

Code already done for you. All you have to do is select a code for the sink model from the controller screen, press the button…and off you go. It’s that simple.

The top quality diamond bit can cut about 300 linear feet – equivalent to about 50 full-sized sink openings.

Versablade® will help you create quality precision work in a much cleaner environment. The Model X will easily pay for itself within a calendar year by saving your time.

Wells will install and calibrate the machine for you, and give you a two day on-site training course using your actual countertops! You’ll be ready to operate by yourself in no time.

Model X requires very little maintenance. Wells provides a full year warranty that covers all parts and labor. Our tech support will always be available to assist you for any questions and troubleshooting.

The Wells Corporation has been servicing satisfied customers with quality, value and service since 2005. As the exclusive distributor of Versablade®, they guarantee their partnership with you for as long as you are operating your business.

Please contact us for pricing and payment terms. Fleixble payment options are available. 

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