North Point Cabinetry by Hardware Resources would like for our customers that use 2020 Spaces design software to know that North Point Cabinetry has made a couple of important changes to their 2020 Spaces cabinet catalog.


Important Updates to 2020 Spaces design software

Hardware Resources has updated the name of the 2020 Spaces cabinet catalog to reflect the new brand name for their cabinet line, NorthPoint Cabinetry.  You will now find their catalog listed under NorthPoint Cabinetry on when searching by manufacturer.  The catalog file name has been updated to “NPC20A” and can also be downloaded from the NorthPoint Cabinetry content page, which can be found here.

A selection of NorthPoint Cabinetry’s most popular Hardware Resources cabinet organizers has been added to the NorthPoint Cabinetry 2020 Spaces catalog to enhance user experience.

Maximize storage solutions in your NorthPoint Cabinetry kitchen designs by including the award-winning “No Wiggle” cabinet pullouts, which are designed to eliminate excess side-to-side movement and sag.

Hardware Resources’ organizers ship fully assembled and are deigned to be quick and easy to install — saving you time and labor on the cabinet installation.

Addition of Cabinet Organizers to NorthPoint Cabinetry 2020 Spaces Software

With the addition of organizers to our NorthPoint Cabinetry 2020 Spaces catalog, you can easily add storage solutions into your designs and add margin to your jobs. The organizer products reflect list pricing, making it easy to quote to your customer.

Homeowners are looking for storage solutions when they are upgrading their kitchens. Now you can easily offer your customer a complete solution.

Looking for more of NorthPoint Cabinetry and hardware resources info and pricing? Get in touch with your local WA sales rep for more information and how to order.

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