Our whole team is at KBIS in Las Vegas, NV, this week and early this morning at the Fleurco booth it was announced that through February 29th, 2020, Fleurco is offering all our existing showroom and retail customers a .1 multiplier on product showroom displays. This offer applies only to Best Sellers & New Products (Latitude Pivots, Accessories, LED Med Cabs, etc.). Offer does not apply to Kinetics or Crescents, for instance – no fringe items!!

The discount: X.10 Multiplier on Best Sellers & New Products showroom displays.

That means your cost for a single display for a Luna lighted mirrors that retails for $1,141.00 would only be $114.00 ($1141x.10 = $114.10).

With that great a value, most of our customers are purchasing more than one and the feedback has been remarkable.


  • Again, must be for Best Selling & New Products
  • Let’s get your showroom displays up to date for the new year!
  • The new accessories display board pricing is also available – Click here to download the Excel.  These are available @.10 for existing vignettes or otherwise.

Premiere Boards Net @ $130 (See Excel)

MOD Boards Net @ $300 (See Excel)

Pictured below are three of Fleurco’s Luna lighted mirror displays courtesy of our friends at Custom Builder Supply in Monroe, NC, in Madeleine’s central Piedmont territory. 

Fluerco mirror with vertical lighting embedded
Fluerco large backlit mirror promotions
Backlit Fluerco mirrors wholesale

Contact your local WA sales rep for more details and info on ordering your Fleurco showroom displays while they last.

Contact your local rep here.

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