You dont have to be a photographer to appreciate good lighting. Having a well lit walk in closet with the right lighting accessories can help you show your items in their true colors at a quick glance, whether early in the morning or late at night when the lighting isn’t always the greatest.

In this lighting guide, we’ll show you a few Task Lighting items that can help you bring your closet lighting game to the next level.

Create a visually appealing and functional closet by adding LED Lighting. Whether dramatic lighting to showcase a well-curated wardrobe is desired, or creating basic visibility in tight spaces, Task Lighting has a variety of LED Lighting perfect for any size of closet. Check out our tips below!

Add toe kick or top shelf lighting

You can add some extra dimension to a closet by adding some toe kick or top shelf lighting to the room. It opens up the room and provides a modern, futuristic, luxury look and feel.

Lighted closet rod

Our lighted closet rod brings out true colors of clothing and illuminates for easy finding of what you want to wear, regardless of outside light.

Puck Lighting

Install puck lights above sje;ves, creating dramatic effects on the elements you choose to highlight.

Strip Lighting

You can attach LED strip lighting under the shelves to bring more light into cubby spaces and easily identify their contents.

Light Sensor

To top off a perfectly lit closet, install a sensor for an easy hands-free switching solution.

If you’re looking to offer any of these great items to your showroom clients, get in touch with us today. We can teach you more about LED lighting and angle power strip products from Task Lighting, as well as lighting accessories from many other great brands.

Thanks for reading.

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