Veritas Premiere and Veritas Mod coming soon!

Fluerco has unveiled a new line of items and we’re happy to announce that soon you will be able to get both Veritas Premiere and Veritas Mod products. The two Veritas brands offer an assortment of hardware items like soap racks, footrests, grab rails, and other accessories related to the shower or bath.

This small accessory line will round out the offerings for the shower and bath that Fleurco provides. The new collection is crafted with a high quality stainless finish with some glass parts for a modern look.

For full information, you can check both of the PDFs linked below.

Details about Veritas Premiere and Mod Collections

The Fleurco Veritas Premiere collection is made up of items that clients can add to their shower or bath interiors to help with things like shelving, footrests, grab rails, and stools for inside the shower. There is also a soap rack that can be installed inside the shower. The theme of this collection seems to be accessibility and stability for older clients who might need it in the shower where there is risk of falling, etc.

The Veritas Mod collection, on the other hand, features items for outside the shower or bath. This collection is rounded out with things like towel bars, soap dispensers, tumbelers, soap dishes, and more. The racks that are being offered work great with the accessories made to go with them, but can also be mixed and matched with accessories from different brands to open up interior design options for more savvy clients looking to customize.

If you need any more information about these upcoming collections, please get in touch with us today!

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