Wright Associates sales reps cover much of the South East and Mid-Atlantic, from Virginia,  North Carolina, South Carolina, down to Georgia and many places in between like Washington D.C. If you own or operate a decorative hardware, plumbing, lighting, or cabinet showroom in any of these areas, it’s important to know which one of our reps is your direct contact and how you can get in touch with them!

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to do just that, showing you who is your local WA Sales Rep and the best way(s) to contact him or her.

Melvin Wright

Melvin Wright is Founder and President of Wright Associates.

Melvin Wright is the president and founder of the company. He also handles Eastern North Carolina and NE South Carolina service areas. His home base is located in Atlanta, GA. Melvin leads our team of sales reps and the company as a whole.

You can get in touch with him via email at melvin@wasalesreps.com or call him at (678) 777-5488 at your convenience.

John Arnott

John Arnot is a Territory Manager for Wright Associates.

John Arnott is a territory manager for the company who covers Georgia as well as Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina. He is based out of Roswell, GA.

He can be reached by email at john@wasalesreps.com or by phone at (678) 300-3951.

Madeleine Aseron

Madeleine Aseron is a Territory Manager in Central NC based locally out of Charlotte

Madeleine Aseron is a territory manager for the company who is covering Central North Carolina clients. She is based out of Charlotte, NC.

You can reach her at maseron@wasalesreps.com or by phone at (423) 813-0510.

Richard Vance

Richard Vance is a Territory Manager for Wright Associates.

Last but not least, Richard Vance is a territory manager who is covering Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. He is based out of Richmond, VA.

You can contact Richard at richard@wasalesreps.com or by phone at (540) 798-2532.


Regardless of the area you are located, as long as you are located in one of our many territories, you have a dependable sales representative to assist you with all of your needs and updates.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need to speak with someone over the phone directly. We are always happy to help our clients find what they need in a fast and efficient manner.

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