Some new and exciting additions to the Top Knobs catalog are on the way. The Minetta Series and Grace Collection add elegant touches of black matte steel and glossy polished sliver finishes.

The new additions consist of knobs and pulls as well as appliance pulls.

According to Top Knobs, the collection was inspired by “the contemporary appeal of Riverside Drive in New York City.” The Minetta series offers a modern look and feel with soft curves used in designing the handles.

Named for their respective neighborhoods in Manhattan, both of the collections have that “city” vibe. Modern and luxury with a nice, solid weight to them, they will give you a feeling of quality with a simple pull of a drawer.

You can see the shapes and designs are simple, but give a modern look. The all-metal construction makes sure they feel as good as they look. You might not think so, but the feel of your handles is one of the little things that can go a long way towards giving your customers’ homes a luxury aesthetic that goes beyond “look”.

The Minetta Series and the Riverside Series from Top Knobs are available now.

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