Since September of 2018, Schwinn Originals has been providing a new cosmetic to the world of hardware. Iconic mid-century inspired decorative hardware, wall hooks, and coat racks designed by renowned architects, engineers, and designers. The collection spans decades of design and offers something from just about any interior design style. Each and every piece is licensed in close collaboration with these designers’ estates. The finishes reference designs from periods throughout history as well as newer, more contemporary options.

Who’s on display?

Some of the designers featured in the Schwinn Originals collection include Nanna Ditzel, Michael Graves, Bodil Kjaer, Paul McCobb, Jasper Morrison, Dieter Rams, Jens Risom, August Schatte, and more.

Collection highlights:

  • A range of mid century Paul McCobb pulls and knobs for Predictor, Planner, Grand Rapids, and Linear Group furniture lines
  • Three unique mid-century furniture pulls by Jens Risom.
  • Wood wall hooks and knobs by Nanna Ditzel in a palette of 6 neutral and bright colors derived from 70s Nanna Ditzel interiors.
  • A “less is more” Dieter Rams furniture knob for FSB, unique in its combination of steel and plastic materials.
  • Elegant “super normal” furniture knobs and a coat hook by Jasper Morrison for FSB.
  • Architectural furniture pulls and a coat rack by Danish architect Bodil Kjaer, components of her “Elements of Architecture” series.
  • A series of hand crafted and serially manufactured post modern furniture pulls and knobs by Michael Graves.

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