Fleurco has blossomed into a word-wide leader in the manufacture and distribution of premium bathroom essentials from Canada.  Fleurco specializes in high-quality and aesthetically stunning glass shower doors, shower bases and walls, bathtubs, lighted mirrors, medicine cabinets, and even vanities.


With this in mind, Fleurco just completed a massive overhaul of their website.


We know from experience just how daunting this process can be and all we can say is:
‘Wow! Did their team do an excellent job or what?”

A big ‘shout-out’ to Samantha and her team who absolutely nailed the execution.


Let’s take a look at the new Fleurco.com

Take a look at this screenshot of their homepage or visit their new website yourself to explore all the great features and enjoy the user experience, which is top notch if we do say so ourselves: fleurco.com 

2019 Fleurco Website Shower Doors and Bathtubs


Fleurco’s New Website Design Means You’re Going to Save Lots of Time

One of many great things about Fleurco as a company, in addition to their beautiful and modern bathroom products, is that they genuinely support their retailer and showroom customers. Perusing their new site, it is easy to see Fleurco put user experience and what you need most, right at the forefront of the re-design.

Some of Fleurco.com’s newest and most helpful features are still being refined and will roll-out officially in 2019, following an official announcement as KBIS.


But in the meantime, here’s what we love most about Fleurco.com and the features you can look forward to:


It’s fast. And when you’re sitting across from one of your customers and searching for a price list or working with the new ‘Shower Builder’ widget, waiting on a web page to load is the last thing you want to be doing.


Build a Shower:

Speaking of working with one of your customers to sell a sexy new shower re-design, Fleurco decided it would make getting the sale a little easier by improving the interactive Design Your Shower module. The feature walks you through step-by-step in your selection process and the image quality and interaction is where you can really tell there was a re-design.

You can explore it yourself here. 

Design Your Shower Interactive Widget Fleurco.com


Dealer Portal:

What we think you are really going to appreciate is the upgraded dealer portal, accessed via the ‘Dealer Login’ (coming soon by the way) to place orders, track orders, and confirm stock without having to ever make a phone call… but if you still want to talk to us we’d love to hear from you!


Fleurco’s new resources tab is a one-stop-shop for all your digital catalogs, marketing materials, tips and tools, even installation guides!

Here’s a screenshot of the Marketing Materials section:

Shower Door Showroom Display Example Image


Clicking on their new Innovation tab in the main menu, you get a drop-down for MICROTEK® and RAPIDCONNECT® DRAIN.
The links take you to the pages to explore in detail Fleurco’s innovative applications for keeping your customers’ shower doors effortlessly clean and spotless as well as how any plumber or contractor can easily install your customers’ new bathtubs in minutes with little to no access below.

Here’s a video about MICROTEK® and how it works:


And here’s a video about the RAPIDCONNECT® DRAIN and how it makes installing Fleurco Opus and Aria tubs a cinch:


Fleurco’s new website really is aesthetically pleasing and you’re going to love the functionality that’s in store for 2019 following the official announcement. ‘Til then, enjoy poking around and explore all the great resources Fleurco.com has to offer you and your teams as valued retail and showroom customers.

Check out all Fleurco’s award winning bathroom product lines with their digital catalogs here.


Thanks for reading! It means a lot and we hope you enjoyed this sneak preview of the big things happening at Fleurco in 2019.


And feel free to contact your local WA sales rep for details and info on getting set up with a new Fleurco display for the new year.


Contact your local rep here.

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