The trade dispute going on between the US and China is continuing to keep us on our toes. We are expecting a raise in tariffs. There is good news, however!

There is a negotiation going on that has been agreed to by both countries. There will be no further escalation of tariffs for 90 days.

Changes in pricing due to lower

Based on the US govt’s previous announcement, there were many goods in the top knobs and atlas lineups among others that were going to see a tariff hike from 10% to 25%, which was going to affect your pricing. We are happy to say that this is being prolonged and, at the very least, will not be happening in January.

Many of the prices on products in the 2019 price lists are too high and will be reduced to reflect the impact of only a 10% tariff rather than 25%.

Products affected by this are as follows:

  • Top Knobs bath hardware
  • Atlas Homewares bath hardware

You can find up to date price lists on these affected products by visiting these links for the PDF documents:

Or head over to the Top Knobs ( and Atlas ( pages on our website, scroll down to the Price Lists section, and the latest up-to-date excel price lists are available to download.

Don’t feel like checking out those pages, here are the links to download right from here:

The prices you find here are lower than what you will find in the printed media you might have or any printed price guides you have received. Go ahead and print them out so that you have them clipped to other price lists that you should be receiving shortly if you have not already received.

More news to come

2019 is shaping up to be an unpredictable year if the tariffs change sometime in the middle of the year. We hope that they are not raised at all and dont extend into any other products. If there are further changes, though, we will respond accordingly and make sure to let you all know once we have any news.

Prices can change for better or worse depending on what happens this coming year in 2019. For all of the up to date news on the topic, tune in right here to blog. Please feel free to share this article with friends and family who might also be affected.

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